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25-12-1999, 10:34 PM
I have just build a new system and have installed a Genius Savage 3 Pro graphics card. I have downloaded and applied the latest drivers from S3website. The problem showed up when I was testing the card on a game (AOE Gold) when you had a fishing boat fishing, there was a number of short vertical white lines side by side (approx 10 to 20 mm high)alongside the boat. When the boat moved they also appeared behind the boat. I experimented with a number of different refresh rates such as optimal, adaptor default, and 85 Hz. Iam running the colour setting at True Colour (32 bit). I have also altered this setting down, but have still not resolved the problem.Any help with this problem would be much appreciated.

SYSTEM SPECS;AMD K7 Athlon 500Mhz, Asus K7M motherboard with onboard sound,Veiwsonic E70 17' Monitor, Segate 8.4GB HDD,125watt ATX power supply.