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17-04-2003, 08:43 PM

17-04-2003, 10:04 PM
An Oxyacetylene torch works well. Melt it into a pile of slag paying special attention to the pins where the cable plugs in. You also need to ensure that the platters are somewhat torched as well!!! :-)

If you want to really ensure that your letter to Aunty Jane is lost and gone for ever then I suggest you don't write to her in the first place using the computer. The letter will not then be recovered off the hard drive. Why not try a pen and paper in the second place? Why not try an encryption program?

This ( of course ) will not stop your letter to Aunty Jane surfacing 200 years later by someone who inherits the Estate and finds it in the Attic buried by old Moose heads, relics of "Olde" England, forgotten Beatles records, a 386SX Computer with DOS 3.3 and etc.

I'm the first to admit that hard drives that come from Doctors, Priests ( maybe ) Governments and some Companies should be destroyed and never be on-sold.

For the average user of computers ( like me ) I use Norton Utilities to shred the file then do a defrag if it was sensitive. I do keep Customer data on here but then write to CDR and keep the CDR offsite. The data is encrypted anyway.

Then again... I have never on-sold a hard disk.