View Full Version : Redhat 9

17-04-2003, 08:44 PM
I recently got my grubby mitts on Redhat 9, I had quite a bit of trouble installing it, but eventually it properly installed. All seemed well when I started it up... logged in (character cell interface) and typed in "startx"
that's when the troubles began...

It comes up with the desktop loading thing-a-me-bob where different doo-hickies load (maybe I should be a bit more exact)... The window where the programs load (little icons appear at the bottom... e.g.. CD device manager). It gets up to CD device manager and freezes, sometimes it shows a barely noticeable corner of an icon next to the CD icon (CD device manager). It doesn't go any further.

That is trying to load GNOME (I installed KDE swell but I don't know how to start KDE or set it as default)