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16-04-2003, 11:22 AM
I'm using WindowsXP Home edition with a Canon BJ printer installed. No problem with operation faults, but I encounter some system delays during printing. Occurs most noticibly with file access eg. print an Excel file and try to open another file - there's a delay before being able to view file dialog box. Especially bad if trying to open Explorer to view files - can experience delays of up to 20 seconds or so before being able to view folders. Seems to be related to the time for the printer buffer to be used up - like Windows is waiting to send the next chunk of data to the printer before letting you access files? The printer properties are set to spool print docs and start printing immediately.

Anyone offer advice how to alleviate this? It doesn't happen with the laser - I assume cause it's got memory installed?

I have to admit though, it's still miles better than having to wait for the printer to finish before using the system at all again like in the old days!

16-04-2003, 12:18 PM
How much RAM does your XP machine have? This could be a limiting factor to the print times.
More RAM lets you have more things going at once.
However this might not be the problem, just part of the sum.


Graham L
16-04-2003, 04:39 PM
It could be the old problem that IBM never got the interrupt working properly on their original printer interface. A lot of software (including DOS and Windows) avoided the problem by not using the interrupt. This means that they used programmed I/O, so the CPU has to wait for the printer to say it has received one character before it can send the next. While this is going on, that's all the CPU is doing: waiting. :D It might be waiting at 2 GHz, so it's very fast waiting. :D :D

Of course I could be wrong, and this might be impossible with the modern perfect software and hardware. ]:)