View Full Version : Winamp and RealPlayer cannot run while computer is on the internet stating that there is not enough memory, even though we have upgraded our system to 40 megs of RAM, possible IBM MWAVE conflict is what I think ,more info in article

20-12-1999, 08:42 PM
I have tried to embrace the great hand extended out to us by realtime software. But even though our system has the needed omph
(just) for RealPlayer and Winamp I can't make them work.. well I can in a way.

well to start off:
My system is an IBM APTIVA model:2168-Z37 all parts used are official IBM parts. It has a 28.8k MWAVE modem and P-100 CPU along with 40megs of RAM(upgraded from 8 but official IBM APTIVA parts used for upgrade, upgrade provided by IBM).

Now, here's the problem. I have downloaded RealPlayer and as soon as I install it, it is working.

Then after about 2 days of watching videos(and maybe sometimes not) I try to start the program up and it says NOT ENOUGH MEMORY, This is bizarre because it says so in WinAmp as well and I checked the requirements and my computer meets memory requirements.
So now I've got WinAmp working but only after I've restarted the computer after an internet session. This is -I say again- truly bizarre.

I have a suspision this could be due to the actual MWAVE
hardware. Could you please try and find out what is happening? Any advice?

Thankyou for your co-operation.