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13-04-2003, 05:46 PM
Hi, I am looking to buy a new CD writer. I want something that can make "EXACT DUPLICATE" of any CD I throw at it... well almost any ...
and I also want it to be able to burn low quality blank CDs eg: Melody, Transonic etc...

I saw a Asus one CRW-4824a and a AOpen one CRW5224 both of these are the same price at just under a 100. I think Ricoh and Samsung are around the same price too....
which one u think is best? and if none of them is good ..what do you recommend?? I don't have a lot of spare cash ..so can't just run out and buy a Plextor ; P

Thx for ur help!!

13-04-2003, 06:00 PM
For your "exact duplicate" bit, you'll need one which can burn in RAW mode (not too sure whether it's "RAW" or "raw"). It will make a bit-for-bit copy from another CD ROM drive or something. I don't know if these CD RW drives you've specified have the feature (as I can't be bothered looking).

From the model numbers you've given, I'd be tempted to say that the AOpen CRW5224 is better, as it's faster (52x).

John H
13-04-2003, 06:14 PM
If I want to get an exact copy of a CD, I use CloneCD to burn it. It works with my Aopen 4048? CDRW, and it does what it says - it makes a clone of the original CD.

It writes an image of the CD to your hard drive, then burns from the image.

From memory, there is something on the website that tells you which drives are supported, which may help your choice. Try searching at:


Hope this helps.

13-04-2003, 10:10 PM
I use CloneCD also. Works with my LG 48x16x48x.

Not sure of the model number there though and I don't feel like pulling it out to look.