View Full Version : A new TV program "let's Dfrag"

12-04-2003, 07:56 PM
I have come up with a great new TV program that would suit all of the free television stations modern program line up, you might think nobody would watch it, but don't believe it, they can not wait to watch all type of craped programs on TV right now.

At the start of each program they have four new people each week, they bring in their computer to get a defrag, points are deduced for each day it has had a last defrag, if they did not start in safe mode, if they did not do a scan disk first,
Mean while the host of the show collects beats (to pay for the show)
How long will it take to do a defrag?
How long will it stay on 10% before jumping to the next figure?
What will the first figure be after 10%
How many times will the defrag reset itself?

Have I missed something? or would nobody watch it if I put in some better idea's?