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17-12-1999, 12:00 PM
I have been trying to use some 'download' programs such as 'GetRight' and 'Gozilla' and in both cases could not start iether program because of missing 'OLEAUT...DLL files.In the case of Getrigh' the error message was a missing 'OLEAUT32.DLL:420' and in Gozilla it was missing 'OLEAUT.DLL:185'. I am runing the older Win95 on 486 processor.
I E-Mailed 'Getright' and the sent me a 'reg' file that autamatically loaded somewhere in the windows system...int the case of 'Gozilla' I tried the microsoft Windows95 updates and clicked onto 'OLEUPD.EXE' download. This downloading proceeded but when finished I cannot find this file anywhere at all on omy disk. So ..two questions.
What are these 'OLEAUT' files ? and where or what happens to a file that one downloads with no instruction as to where you wnt to save the file or what happens to it ?
Bernard Welford (bwelford@xtra.co.nz}