View Full Version : Mandrake & Win 2000

06-04-2003, 03:42 PM
Using cfdisk I partitioned the HDD on my Dell laptop, running Win 2000, and installed Mandrake 9 (I know Mandrake has its own partitioner but I wanted to see what was going on). Install went well :) But when I came to reboot, 2000 only got as far as a blue screen with all sorts of dire comments :o. But I could boot into Mandrake (Lilo set up perfectly).
So, I used cfdisk again, totally deleted the linux partitions :- and lo & behold I have Win 2000 back again in all its glory.
Does an NTFS file system not partition that well or is it fussy about who it shares a HDD with? ?:|

06-04-2003, 03:50 PM
You may simply need to repair the Win2K install.. Ive had it happen once when installing Linux. A quick Repair (Boot off the CD and choose repair, not install) and it was back fine, both OS's.

Dunno why it did it, but both are working fine now :-)

NTFS has no qorries about being partitioned, I mix and match my NTFS and FAT32...

If you're going with Linux, then FAT32 is probably best as you will have R/W access as root when in Linux :-)

Hope this helps