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Captn Andy
06-04-2003, 01:08 PM
I have W98SE with IE6 and OE6 running on Pentium 3 with 128mb and 8gb HD. I customarily use 2 dial-up connections to 2 different ISPs and have worked perfectly throughout the life of the machine.

After a Norton 'clean-up' (done many times before with no ill effects) I now find that although I can dial up to either ISP, I am unable to go any further. Any page (including ISP's home page) returns "Cannot find server or DNS Error" message.

Outlook Express returns "The host POP3 could not be found. Socket error 11001, Error Number 0x800CCCD0D'

I have removed and reinstalled the dial-up adapter, both ISPs dial-up connections and reinstalled Windows but the result is exactly the same.

Both ISPs tell me that because I am establishing a connection, there is nothing more they can do. The fact that those connections are useless seems immaterial; they've done their job and that's that.

It was suggested that my internet protocol settings may have become corrupted but beyond what I have already done, I have no idea how to check this or even if I did, how to or what to change them to.

I have looked at winipcfg but although that shows the subnet mask etc when a connection is present, it doesn't appear to allow changes in other protocols. I do notice that the tick for 'NetBIOS resolution uses DNS' is missing as is 'IP routing enabled' and 'NetBIOS scope ID' although these are present on my son's machine.

I admit it... I'm out of my depth. Please, please save me from having to resort to my work laptop!!!

Jim B
06-04-2003, 01:26 PM
This is becomimg increasingly more common and if your server types are correct in your dialup connection (Netbeui and IPX unticked) and your Network protocols in Network Control panel only have one each of Dialup adapter and TCP/IP then suspect firewall or spyware.

Have you got Zonealarm installed, check all settings and set them to low.
Some anti virus programs have a firewall as part of them.

Some spyware such as new.net can kill your internet connection, check in add/remove programs for anything suspicious and remove it if it should not be there.

Try another browser such as Opera if you can which will help isolate the problem

Captn Andy
06-04-2003, 01:38 PM
I do have AVG and Norton AV as well as Sygate firewall but everything has worked fine with these (what Norton misses, AVG catches and vice versa). I have tried connecting with thse disabled but no go.

I do a spyware check weekly but will run one now to make sure nothing has snuck in when I wasn't looking. It would seem to defeat the purpose of spyware though, to disable the one means of getting the information gleaned back to the harvester.

06-04-2003, 02:08 PM
tried resetting your password.? Then set everything back to default and set a default connection. Run the internet conection wizard and set it up manually to make sure everything is correct.As the xtra help line tells you how to set up your connection. Sometimes my pasword has reset its self and other setting have got corupt and I to could not connect(ahhh no need net..) and this has fixed it. Often it has been a problem at my ISP's end. So check the network status by phone. And just cause they say jetstream customers are have trouble doesn't mean dialup aren't aswell. If it is a home connection try disabling any firewalls and try to connect to see if it is a firewall problem. Is it ok to run 2 anti virus programs? I would have thought that was a bit of a recipy for problems.

Jim B
06-04-2003, 02:32 PM
It will be your firewall blocking access, most problems of this sort are due to people using firewalls which seems to have become a trendy thing to do recently and in many cases they have no idea how to adjust or configure them.

I am not saying you are not conversant with them but your firewall is the prime suspect for the problem you have.

Captn Andy
06-04-2003, 02:44 PM
A thousand thank yous and a hallelujah! I had been running with the firewall disabled but when I uninstalled it, everything worked fine. Now I can read pF1 without having to steal the company laptop!
Captn Andy salutes you!