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Curious George
05-04-2003, 10:53 PM
Hello helpful people, my problem goes like this.....
Was given an old work computer - digital 3000.
Pentium 166mmx
and HAD win 95 on it.I think.
I have an old copy of 95 I am trying to install with no luck.
I know howto install/format for win98, but the same procedure wont work....
One possibility I thought of was the CD rom being made later than the drivers on win95.
[D:] is not recognised at all, [format C:] comes up in errors.
I am trying with a win95start up disc.
Win 98 start up floppy works though...but I dont want to continue as I needs 95.
Somebody suggested installing cab files or something, but unsure how to do this. Anybody with any advice much appreciated.

05-04-2003, 11:42 PM
use the win98 bootdisk and start with cdrom support, it'll load the drivers for the cdrom and tell you what drive letter has been assigned to your cd rom (usually D, E or R)

to prepare your drive use fdisk (provided on the bootdisc) you'll want to delete all partitions and then create a primary dos partition.

reboot and then use format c: /q

reboot and go through the bootdisk loading process again, your cdrom will get its drive letter assigned, but if you miss it just keep cycling through drive letters and throwing a dir in between until you get the cd file listing
a:/> d: <enter>
d:/> dir <enter>
*see if the filelist thrown back matches the contents of the cdrom, or watch the cdrom light, you'll know if its being accessed*

and repeat until you get the correct drive letter... sorry i cant word it simpler, i'm tired.

once youre there type setup and press enter. that should get you started

(the other thing you could do is cycle through the drive letters and instead of getting the file listing, just type setup. if it finds setup it'll work, if it doesnt find setup it'll tell you it cant find setup, in which case you move onto the next drive letter ;) )

Rod J
05-04-2003, 11:50 PM
You may find the hard drive has been Fat32 formatted. The early version of Win95 don't understand Fat32 :-( OK, so you need to boot up with the Win95 startup disk and then run FDISK. Delete any existing partitions (assuming there is no data on this disk that you want to retain, because this will effectively wipe the disk). Then create at least one partition. Then format that partition. Have a look at the FAQ's on this forum (FAQ 33, 34 and 34b would be appropriate).

Graham L
06-04-2003, 02:59 PM
The W95 installation CD doesn't boot as you've probably discovered. You have to have a CDRom driver and MSCDEX on a boot disk so you can access the CD. :D A disk image from www.bootdisks.? (try .com, .org ?) might help.

It is a Very Good Idea to copy the .CAB files. :D You can do this oncve you have the system booted and can access the CD. Format the HD, and make a WIN95 directory on it. Then copy all the files in the WIN95 directory to that directory. Then just "D;" to get to the Cd, then "cd win95", then "setup". It intslls quicker from the hard disk, and you always have the files for installing hardwatre and reinstalling.

Curious George
09-04-2003, 07:52 AM
Thanks for your help people, It works!!
In the end, used win98 bot disc, and loaded 95 normally, I just wasn't sure if this would work.
Now for a driver hunt, and open office, and vola! Working pc!
Thanks again