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15-12-1999, 12:13 AM
Relevant background:
I installed a small prog (ex net) called 'Ramboost' was supposed to
reclaim ram and prevent win98 ram leakage, seemed to work OK. Then I
uninstalled a couple of progs using cleansweep.
I am running Win98 on finely tuned Low level pentium.

After a reboot I got the following message B4 windows loaded:

'Invalid VXD Dynamic Link call from APIX(01) to DEVICE '33FC', service 3.
Your windows configuration is invalid, run setup again to correct
this problem.
If you continue to run windows your system may become unstable.
Continue running windows Y : N

If I continue to boot into windows all seems to behave normally until I
run a setup.exe.Then the system slows to the point of barely moving, It took 2 hours to setup 'Easy CD Writer Deluxe' normally about 5 min.If I try to write a CD the whole system just crashes.('easy CD Not responding')This is about all I have found goes wrong at this stage. but I dare say the more stuff I will try, the more will crash (Looks that way,
Just running around in Windows seems to work ok though. If that is all I wanted to do, I would be happy enough.
What I have done to try and rectify the problem without doing a fresh reinstall.
*Reinstalled Windows on top of Windows.- No change, 2 hrs down the tubes.
*Analyzed Bootlog. txt- Noted any anomalies in the loadfailed areas
which incidentally included a batch of fonts, One in particular was Marlett. Then extracted any mentioned Vxd's to Windows/system and the fonts to windows/fonts. - Still no difference- when I extracted the files I didn't get a dialog box asking me if I wanted to overwrite though.
*Windows device manager doesn't show any anomalies
If I don't get any advice or any idea's to try I will have to do a complete reinstall, Which will be a sure fix but definitely a last resort. I am A computer dealer and I am experienced in solving win98 problems, but this one has got me stumped. Would appreciate any
help at