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05-04-2003, 05:23 PM
Dumping some files to my internal writable CD-ROM drive under XP Pro (with SP1) the other day, and a panel suddenly pops up referring to "copyright" or "rights management". Then it flicked away quickly, before I could commit the text to memory. It was some indication that I had to seek permission of someone (originator? Microsoft?) before I could put the material (a video file downloaded from a website) on CD.

Following this warning, Ahead Nero stops working, giving error messages I've never seen before, and don't even understand (I should have written them down, not much good for diagnostics, I admit).

But the reason that it wasn't burning quickly became apparent; the CD drive (D: my only one) has disappeared off the "map".

It's not in "My Computer", Windows Explorer, Power Desk or the command line interface; just doesn't exist. I only have A: and C:

Phone The PC Company (yes, them). "Hardware fault", he says, without hesitation; "bring it into the shop."

Well, I suppose I'll have to do that (and just out of warranty, too; lost warranty rights anyway when I "upgraded" from ME to XP), as soon as I've finished cleaning up the hard drive as much as possible (see Problem #2). But that obscure opening message worries me. Has some element of "rights management" been introduced in SP1? Have I inadvertently transgressed by attempting to "burn" a copyright file (I don't even know which one's resonsible, but the ones I was trying to transfer had all been on my hard drive for some time and functioning with no problem)?

And is this the "penalty" for Burning What I Should not Burn? Total trashing of a CD-R drive?

Or is it just a crappy piece of The PC Company cheapo equipment that's just happened to give out at this moment?

I'll try and remember what the brand of the drive was (not Adaptec, but a similar name), but I want to get this messaage off quickly, in case there are some generic tests I can perform to see if it really is stuffed.

Sorry for the lack of information.


The Student
05-04-2003, 06:30 PM

I don't think that I can expand on any reasons why your drive has suddenly disappered....

As to reading this posting, I take it your using Nero Ahead as your primary software for CD Copying blah blah blah....

As to explain any rights issues relating to your situation, have you tried installing the Nero Rights Utility?

If you haven't then you can try this to remedie your problem....


You question in regards to elements of rights and permissions recieved because of SPK1 on XP, are not the cause of your situation. I'ts normal to recieve such errors like these, because systems like your one is built from an earlier version of 2000 which too follows suit from NT.

The Student
06-04-2003, 07:55 AM
> If you haven't then you can try this to remedie your
> problem....
> http://www.nero.com/en/index.html#download
Click 'Utilities'
Choose 'Nero Burn Rights'