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05-04-2003, 07:35 AM
Hey all,
I work for an electrical retailer in the Hawkes Bay and we have just moved into a new shop with a brand new Computer display area. A lot of time and effort has been put into creating an interactive display where customers can come and not only see the latest technology but use it also. So far I have a bluetooth network ( or the start of ) running and I am currently working on setting up a full wireless LAN as well. To give you an idea this is what we have so far.

2x IBM R40 laptops, base and upper range model
Toshiba 2410 satellite laptop with sdcard and compact flash slot and infrared receiver.
Compaq 730 laptop
Compaq evo 1020 laptop
toshiba portege tablet/laptop
ipaq 5450 with bluetooth and WiFi and infrared
ipaq 810 with infrared and usb
2 pc's as servers for usb and music
sony netmd player
panasonic sd player
panasonic lumix FZ1 digital still camera
Sony bluetooth digital video camera
4 PC's of various levels to be sold as packages
1 PC as main controller with jetstream and 37" plasma tv for monitor

The idea is people can send files within the LAN only..........no external acess and then view/listen or use the files on any of the systems. They can send files to the netmd or sdcard player and listen to the music and see what it involves and how easy it really is. They can now purchase various items based on how they would use it, not on hype from a "mate" or advertising. I know this sounds strange coming from a salesman but I don't want to sell an ipaq or laptop to someone who would not get the use out of it or even find it doesn't do the job they want to do.

The reason for the ramble is I want ideas and views on what else I can do or add to this system to do the following.
1: get people using technology
2: demonstrate technology is NOT scary or complicated
3: let people see how it would or would not benefit them
4: get a gee whiz/wow side of things happening
5: have some really cool toys to play with

Any ideas on software or hardware you think would or should be there??
is there anything I shouldn't have??

I want to be different from the average computer shop/sales and actually fit a PC or whatever to a persons needs and requirements not sell them what needs to be moved or makes us the most money.

I get one shot at this and this is the perfect chance to do it right from scratch.

05-04-2003, 09:53 AM
if I were you, i would post at a couple of NZ gaming/hardware forums to get a more diverse range of feedback/ideas
http://forumnz.com (good luck getting much intelligence out of them)
http://gpforums.co.nz (again, best of luck to ya)
http://forums.recoil.net.nz (a little better)
http://forums.overclockers.co.nz (should get a bit of decent feedback there)