View Full Version : Simplify uploading to intranet with NT & Front page

03-04-2003, 11:17 PM
In a few days I will be working with small organisation that wants to simplify uploading pages to it's intranet. I have not yet been onsite so I only know a little from initial discussions.

They have Front page 2000 and are running either NT4 or possibly 2000 Server.

Assuming that IIS is used to serve the site what would be the simpliest no brainer set up for their intranet.

Apparently they are not happy with their current set up. I'm guessing maybe they are having FTP over the intranet or something. Either way it is not working for them.

I'm just looking for some ideas to take with me when I approach this job.

03-04-2003, 11:59 PM
Dfs, Pws, Fpage,Php - depends on who is creating the pages or how the content updates are done.

Design is not the same as content

04-04-2003, 09:42 PM
I'm a long time PC user who has largely been happy with how 2000 & XP perform...
I made the big leap to the otherside (although linux users might disagree) to become an Apple user, I didn't "switch," my new job just simply required that I used Apples as that was the hardware that they provided.

For all the raving about the simplicity of Apple O/S's... do you think I can do the following simple stuff?
- Copy a file or folder (and it's content) and paste it.
- Copy an individual image from a web page, no right click baby!
- Use the CD Writer to back up files. You just can't add a file when you need to as in with XP's native software... you burn the CD... Even with a rewritable!!!

Personally I'm over the Win vs. Apple tossing... however I'm looking for real solutions for bloody stupid flaws...
the excuse for a one click mouse button is naff stubborn excuse.

I miss Windows! Sad guy that I am.

If anyone has some solutions or knows of good Apple help sites... let me know. The official Apple site is way below par.