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02-04-2003, 09:51 PM
I have recently arranged for the purchase
of a second hand HP Brio model BA D75xx mini-tower, ex a business computer rental firm for my father-in-law. It is a P2 - 350 running Win98SE. I installed a Genius GM56PCI-L 56k modem of which I have used hundreds with little drama. It installed the modem okay and I could use the Modems Properties - Diagnostics- More Info to check the computer was talking with the modem. I was concerned that the modem was on Comm port 2 and Interrupt 9 as usually these are installed as Comm 3, Interrupt 11 ???
After installing the software for Xtra, when you went to dial,
you could hear the dial-tone but it eventually came up with the no-dial
tone error.
I am using the same dedicated phone line/ jack point, etc as my computer
and I could always connect when I immediately checked my computer after striking problems, so I think it is safe to rule out external factors.
I have the same type of modem in my computer so I swapped them over -
same results.
I have just returned from where we got the computer from and the guys
were very good and spent 3/4 hour re-imaging the hard drive. While
there, we have swopped modems with one of theirs (unfortunately same
type), and even used another computer - exactly same model, all with the
same results. We could create a dial-up to dial another phone line into
the building and the phones rang - no problems. No matter what we do, it
gives a dial tone, dials up the number, the handshake doesn't sound
right, and eventually we get the 678 error message. I have gone to the Xtra page on this error and done everything it has suggested - no help. If I get it to dial-up in a terminal window, ATZ shows the modem is fine,
but ATDT 087 303030 brings up a no dial tone message, even though I can check on a phone and dial the number okay to get the handshake.
It seems that there is something else (possibly on the same Interrupt?) interrupting sending a dirty signal down the line which makes the modem think there is no dial tone. I would love to try another modem but I currently don't have another spare to check this.
I note that on the system IRQ,s, the modem is on Interrupt 9 along with
4 other items. One is ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ steering. I have
researched about ACPI and have read that on some computers it can be
disabled on the BIOS, but I can't find it on this model. There are four
instances of this ACPI IRQ holder in the system IRQs which I find
strange. (You can't remove these as far as I can see) I have been able to get the modem onto Interrupt 3, and I note that one of these ACPI things always goes with it - still doesn't work!
The other items on the same Interrupt are the integrated video chip and
SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus??? I would love to manually set the Interrupt
for IRQ 11 and / or remove this ACPI thing from the profile, but it
either won't allow me or I can't find how. I tried to remove but it crashed big time - took a bit of rebuilding!
I can't believe I am the only person that has this model of computer using Xtra?. I have contacted Xtra and instead of being a dumb bunny and ringing their helpdesk and playing being ignorance, I thought I would help them as much as possible and emailed them basically this letter. They just suggested I go back to my computer/modem manufacturer!!! HP aren't interested because it is out of warranty!!! It's really embarrassing when it is your father-in-laws and you can't fix it! I could buy a similar Compaq for $20 more which I know works fine as I have set up lots of others on Xtra, but I have arranged for two friends to purchase the same HP computer / Genius modem and I reckon they will be ringing any time soon.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this problem or ideas I could try - PLEASE!!!

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02-04-2003, 10:56 PM
Sorry, brains gone to sleep (like me soon). A braincell stirred and maybe it is a start. Have you started in safe mode, gone to hardware devices and deleted all entries under modem? then restart and install the driver again. Also vaguely recall that there is a box in the modem properties to do with don't wait for dialtone, or something like that. Does it dial out OK like that?

02-04-2003, 11:03 PM
if these were ex corporate, I assume they have a network card. Or had one. If they have one, is this upsetting the system? It may have reserved the interrupts etc the modem needs?

Too late to think clearly as well, but uninstall any LAN?

Jim B
03-04-2003, 07:57 AM
Error 678 is no answer, it is not the same as a no dialtone error which is 680

First check in the Dialup connection Properties that it is selected to Tone and not Pulse especially if the handshake does not sound right.
To do this put the tick in the box "use area code dialing properties" under general of the connection properties..
Open the connect screen you use to dial with and select Dial Properties
At the bottom of the Dialing Properties you will see the Tone, Pulse selections. After you have checked this remove the tick from the "use area code" again.

Also do this

Double-click on My Computer, then double-click on Dial-Up Networking.
Right-click on the ISP connection icon and choose Properties.
Click the Configure button.
Change maximum speed to 57600
Click the Connection tab.
Change the "Cancel the call if not connected" to 90 sec
Click the Advanced button.
In "Extra settings," enter the string. +MS=11,0
Click OK,OK again and OK again to save changes.