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02-04-2003, 05:23 PM
I found this in a News-letter today that may be of help for
those who have Windows XP with a limited amount of Ram

200 MB RAM Just To Run Windows XP?

J. inquires - I have P4 1.4 with 512 MB of rambus and when I go
to system information I can see available physical memory being
only about 270 to 300 with nothing running. Why is it like that
and what can I do about it?

*** Your PC is working fine. You say "nothing running" which is
not really correct as Windows itself loads up quite a bit of
files on a "clean boot". Of course XP may be running 5 to 20
services you never use and yes, to free up available ram [for
additional apps] one can disable those services.

DeMoN LaG adds:
Windows uses RAM to cache files, making your system perform
better. Free RAM is wasted RAM.

Ken B. says:
By design, Windows uses as much of your RAM as it possibly can.
This is good, not bad. You paid for all your RAM, and shouldn't
want to see any of it sitting around idle.

Kelly specifies:
To disable unneeded startup services for a safer, faster XP, use
the "Services" Admin Tool (Control Panel/Administrative

If you are a single user of a non-networked machine, you can
disable the following items, with no ill effect.

Computer Browser
Fast User Switching
Human Interface Access Devices
Indexing Service (Slows the hard drive down)
Net Logon (unnecessary unless networked on a Domain)
Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (disabled for extra security)
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager (disabled for extra security)
Remote Procedure Call Locator
Remote Registry (disabled for extra security)
Routing & Remote Access (disabled for extra security)
SSDP Discovery Service ("Universal P'n'P", & leaves TCP Port 5000
wide open)
Telnet (disabled for extra security)
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Upload Manager
Windows Time
Wireless Zero Configuration (for wireless networks)

Bootvis is a Boot performance trace visualization tool for use
with Windows XP systems. It gives a graphical view of what
processes are doing what and when during boot and allow you to
optimize your boot up.

More information and the download can be found here under letter

I don't see any of the above on my W98 box so will just have to plod on
at a more liesurely pace!


02-04-2003, 06:31 PM
good work kiwitas