View Full Version : VB scripting error

01-04-2003, 05:36 PM
am having trouble that my IE system has suddenly started telling me I need to download Visual Basic Scripting, tries to download it, then after 1-2 seconds it stops say it "cannot be downloaded at this time - try again later.." I suspect the error is misleading. I hve recently been trying to load a new HP officejet which has not worked - HP have given me a workaround but the page appears not to load without VB sripting.. (I suspect it was the HP program that screwed up the VB as it is the only thing I am aware of that has changed - although why it would be playing with it I cant figure out.. )

Can anyone offer advice how to get VB scripting restarted

I'm running win98se with IE5.5 (with all updates) and mcafee (so dont think this is virus related)