View Full Version : IHUG Plans.....they rip ppl off..

31-03-2003, 09:05 PM
I got a ihug plan..payanytime...only pay for the hours i use...which would be 0 hours...due to text2voice...www.t2v.co.nz gotta be a ihug user to use it...or creditcard..and since i'm deaf and a student, i got that plan, knowing that the only charges i will have is the text2voice...nothing more...BUT now they have got rid of that plan..and replaced with 1 $4.95 monthly plan including 3 hours internet...and i have to pay $4.95 no matter what...but i dont want that...how can i get something that i can use...without internet charges that i wont ever use...because i already have a plan that i am perfectly happy with and wont change..

I emailed them 10-15 times in the last 2 weeks...and havent got anything back...i could say...they rip people off and their service is pathetic...

01-04-2003, 09:58 AM
IHUG are a strange kettle of fish.

I used to be with them, but when i moved to a faster connection using a wee dish on my roof that pointed at the port hills i got a terrible shock. The data cap was low and the price per Mb had no concessions for local traffic. This was something i thought was odd given that my signal was coming from a CHCH transmitter. There was also no system in place to let me know that i had used all my "free" data.

I got a $177 bill, which when combined with telstras second line meant that i was paying $200 for 7(?) Mb. I took the satalite card out of my machine, snail mailed it to them, payed the 2 months minamal fee that i had to because of disconnection notice that i failed to provide, rang up telstra, and got the cable modem that i am now happy to have today.

Oddly i am now informed by Chilling Silence that IHUG charge a big fat ZERO for local trafic on DSL which compares rather inconsistantly with the policies of a year and a half ago.

One should also remeber it was IHUG that bought flatrate internet to us while all others were still charging an hourly rate.

They seem to bounce between "bleed 'em all" policies, and being seriously compeditive at the drop of a hat.