View Full Version : New FIC M/b problems

28-03-2003, 10:50 PM
Just upgraded to a FIC an19e with an XP2100 and one 512 meg 333ddr module running Win98se. After reboot's it loads the splash screen then while it loads the icons a "Your display adapter is not configured properly" window pops up. Either canceling or starting the new hardware wizard makes no difference as shortly thereafter the cursor freezes and the computer locks. Then I must Reset. I have tried 3 separate Video cards, 2 AGP and 1 PCI, the same thing happens each time. But it will Boot O.K into SAFE mode. I'm guessing it's a driver conflict somewhere but how can I find out what. Reinstalling Windows did not help.I have removed all the devices in Device Manager and rebooted but the Display problem still occurs.I thought I may require the M/B drivers on the CD but cannot load them as the cd drives do not show up in SAFE mode at the computer locks before Win completely loads. Please any help would be much appreciated.

28-03-2003, 11:32 PM
have you installed the motherboard drivers? have you installed the raid drivers? it would also pay to tweak the vcache settings (recommend cacheman). when you removed all the devices di you do it while in safe mode?

Susan B
29-03-2003, 08:40 PM
It does sound like you need to install the motherboard drivers. Have you got a floppy boot-up disk that will allow the CD drive to be used? If so, you should then be able to run the mobo CD and install the drivers.

29-03-2003, 09:48 PM
boot with your boot floppy ( that has cd support ) and then when the boot has finished copy the motherboard drivers from the cd to your harddrive, eject floppy and re-boot to safe mode goto the directory that you copied the drivers too adn install the drivers - rebooting as nessary.