View Full Version : WinXP pro +98Se networking woes!!

28-03-2003, 09:49 PM
Well....it was all working fine, ICS working, TCP//IP working, IPX//SPX working...untill one fateful night when it all just stops working ...: (

I have tried reinstalling the network cards, the network connections .. and almost everything else that I know of ..but none of them worked...

the problem seems to be that my client computer (98 Se) doesn't choose the right IP address automatically. I can assign the IP address (, and the file sharing would work fine ....but by doing this ICS wouldn't work. I ran "winipcfg" on the client and found the IP assigned by the DHCP server was something weird like (169.274.XXX.XXX) and the subnet mask was (, and when I tried to ping the server which is assigned an IP of ( it would say "unreachable destination". So, now I am basically all out of ideas, I don't know why reinstalling everything again doesn't work ..... maybe it has some faulty keys in my registry??

any help would be appreciated!!

P.S. i ve made sure, the cable is plugged in rit, the computers in the same workgroup and all the rest of it ...that doesn't seem to be the prob.

28-03-2003, 10:04 PM
If I boot my WinXP machine AFTER starting up my Win98 machine, the network doesn't work properly. By right-clicking on the network icon, and choosing "Repair", it seems to solve the problem.

Otherwise run the "Network Setup Wizard" (from the XP CD) on the Win98 machine again.

25-04-2003, 08:30 PM
On the XP PC, click on the LAN icon and properties /TCP/IP, and properties. Click on use the following ip, and put or whatever in subnet, then OK, OK. That'll keep that ip permanently, so it doesnt change. Also make sure the workgroup, for both the XP and 98 PC are the same (usually people change it from HOME, BUT I found if you change it the ip changes)! So, I have kept it on HOME as Workgroup. If you want to share a folder on the XP, load Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/view/simple file sharing. And also enable file/printing sharing on XP. Also under network in 98 point the gateway to the main PC. If you put the XP as, put this on the 98 PC. If you want the 98 PC to get on the net. (And also enable ICS on the XP PC).

26-04-2003, 01:05 AM

I'll try to keep this simple

DHCP with ICS sets the range 24 bit subnet mask of 192.168.0.*

the ip 169.274.*.* indicates it is not getting the details from the DHCP server and perhaps is using its own static assignment

i assume the connection between the relvant client and the ICS is failing

check cabling
check tcp/ip is installed
check if there is a firewall installed. if there is please remove it and any other unneccasary complications to simplify and help diagnose the problem

Note: ICS automatically forces the ICS host to use as the server address which is not changeable [well perhaps it can with editing but this would be advanced and abnormal]

ping will not work because of incompatible subnet masks

Does the Cable connect light show up?
Do you have another machine with another NIC to test connectivity?
I myself keep a box for when i do call outs that has a nic for testing purposes
you might want to look at nic diagnostic sw [software] from the mft [manufacturer]

So far it is not an abnormal or uncommon error.

If you need more support let me know :-)