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28-03-2003, 02:27 PM
About to install a new HDD in my P2@233 and reload Win ME plus all the apps

E.ric recommended (Mar 26 Re To Partition a Disk and Back-Up) to choose partitions in multiples of 8Gb "so you get the largest partition and smallest cluster size"

Can E.ric or someone please confirm and be precise as to size or is "8Gb" as accurate as is needed for this recommendation ?

Also are there any pros or cons in choosing Fat32 vs NTFS - Windows ME is my OS while I persevere with P2@233 [ultimately I want to leave it as a toy for playing with Linux (Mandrake ?) while a new machine would be XP]

Also are there any little tips apart from the obvious (I've printed out the FAQs) ....

And Also I use MS IE/OE 6 and in e-mail I routinely receive bunches of large (1Mb=/-) pdf file attachments that rapidly fill up the C HDD partition - can I 'point' the dbx files into another partition or is the only practical way to separate out such large attachments is the obvious but cumbersome "save attachment as..." ? (eg: can mail rules do this ?)

Thanks for all the FAQs and other help in the past ...

28-03-2003, 02:37 PM
8gig is an ok size. i usually just use a resonable size for the data that will be put on it. eg5-10 for c: drive and 10-20 for any others.(win9x.......usually c: is bigger for w2k/XP)

with winME you can't use NTFS you have to use fat32.