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27-03-2003, 06:16 PM
hi there me again,

i will be using spybot when we move ( for business mainly) and wondered is there any information that i need to know that someone could relay to me in understandable english. on this thread.

things to look out for, or how to run it properly or effectively ?

i know it says lots in the blurbs it comes with but i dont understand some of it,

like when things are in red the are a danger but if they turn green are acceptable? how and why do they change? is this a manual thing or a automated part?
can it be reversed ?
what exactly does it look for ? and why or how does it immunise?

anything to explain it would be helpful and id be grateful cos i a bit lost in the paper work reading part.


Murray P
27-03-2003, 11:40 PM

Neil McC
28-03-2003, 09:13 AM
HI beetle.I found the best thing was to install it,then read through the help files.They are a lot better now than when I first installed it.Just leave it as it is on first install, then you can get around to working out what things are later!!!Post back then with specifics. :-)

Susan B
28-03-2003, 10:18 AM
Thanks Neil, but Beetle has said that she read the help files but does not really understand certain things.

I have been in contact with her and suggested that I think AdAware would be far more user-friendly than Spybot at the moment until she builds up her computer knowledge and confidence. She has a lot on her plate right now and AdAware will be quite adequate for her current needs.

Personally I think that Spybot is a great program if we want to do a good clean sweep but for me its default settings can be a little too vicious in removing all "tracking evidence", some of which I wish to keep for convenience.

28-03-2003, 10:34 AM
A thing to remember, if you have saved passwords from website log-ons, like this site. They will be cleaned out too. As long as your memory is OK or you noted them down, then all is OK. What it does is cleans out all records of which documents, pictures etc.. opened. If you know your web pages name/passwords (does not include your dial up name/password), then it would pay to give it a full clean, hitting the select all button, then fix. To stop this happening later, open Spybot, click on the settings button>then click on the icon called Filesets. On the right hand side, untick Usage tracking. It will still clean out those nasties, but will leave untouched those records of which doc/picture you have opened. Hope this helps, if not, someone might learn something and you can always ask on here.

28-03-2003, 10:24 PM
hi there
ive decided not to worry about using this just yet and will look at this later on in more depth, i didnt realise just how invasive this machine (program) can be and as i dont have a wealth of knowledge on the subject thought it best to leave be at the moment.

but am still interested in any input by all techs and members of PF1.
because this info may not just be of help to me.

i am using adaware and mailwasher at this stage, and am coping with these programs just fine. lol. about time somthing went ok for me!

thanxs to all and please still reply to this thread if have any comments.


28-03-2003, 11:53 PM
Well, I have read the posts about Spybot being too vicious and not for beginers, but I'm just a beginer and have used Spybot and just deleted everything it has found without any problems resulting. Beats me!

Susan B
29-03-2003, 10:13 AM
> Well, I have read the posts about Spybot being too vicious and not for beginers, but I'm just a beginer and have used Spybot and just deleted everything it has found without any problems resulting. Beats me!

Danger, you are far too modest!! :D

Hmmm, maybe I had better clarify myself on my comments. Spybot does an excellent job of wiping out a user's tracks on the computer, which includes all the most recently opened/used documents, cookies, passwords, etc. It does this if you leave the default settings as they are. If you do not want it to do this (as I don't) you have to take the time to configure it to leave those options alone and I can imagine that inexperienced users may find these options a bit difficult to understand at first.

All I am really saying is that an inexperienced person used to trusting a program to "do the right thing" for them may be alarmed when they find that they have to log on to their websites because their cookies have gone, or something like that. I was a little annoyed when I found all my most recently used documents links and similar things had disappeared.

I am not saying that Spybot will wreck your computer, although that may be possible if one is not careful. My last scan indicated that there are quite a few "paths" wrong in my registry and I am wary about getting it to fix them.

Pheonix gave an excellent explanation on how to configure Spybot to clear out spyware only and I would recommend following those instructions until familiar with Spybot.