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26-03-2003, 05:20 PM
Have Acer 3300U scanner, use,s Mira Scan v403u10b software, and I run it on a (both purchaced from, yes dreaded PC Company, who I wont bother asking for help) PC Company AMD Win ME system. Also run Concord EYE-Q Duo LCD digital camera bought from DSE. This runs Photo Impression software. After installing camera, scanner wont work at all, has never worked well, always saying cant find scanner (Mira Scan Software), plug it in dummy (when everything is plugged in) and PC Company have just ignored me. When I use the Photo impression software (ie. camera) it recognisess the mirascan driver, but when I ask it to aquire image it says there has been a TWAIN ERROR... Have tried the normal uninstall and reinstall software, updates etc...Then camera stopped uploading images also, Dick Smith replaced the nice little camera without blinking but suggested I might want to Format C and start with fresh system. Have done this twise now, camera works fine but still NO SCANNER (stuff you PC Company). Have also noted that the pathetic winME is a tad more stable without scanner hooked up. The light in it stays on when playing up also. This scanner has never been mistreated and is now out of warranty. CAN ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME...

26-03-2003, 07:29 PM
The TWAIN driver enables the scanner to be accessed from most graphic or image software directly, without having to use the main scanner software. It should be installed with the main software, but check on your software CD in case the TWAIN driver is separate.

TWAIN (it stands for Technology Without An Interesting Name by the way) driver software must be installed. It sounds like the TWAIN driver is missing, or has been upset by the DSE camera software.

Its a hard thing to diagnose though, but start by following the Acer instructions for installation. They are strange, and very specific.
Step 1. Disconnect the scanner completely from the computer. "End Task" on all applications except for "Explorer" and "Systray." If you try to end task on "Explorer," it will shut down the computer and you will have to End Task all over again.

Step 2. Proceed to install the driver (which you downloaded from site). Double click on the driver that you downloaded to your desktop and click on unzip. This will create a Mira scan driver folder on your desktop. Double click on Mira scan folder and double click on Setup.exe or the word setup with small computer icon in front of it. Say yes to everything during the installation. Once the installation is done Mira Scan will ask you to restart the computer, click on where it says "Now," and click "OK." The computer will restart, completing the driver installation.

Step 3. After the computer comes up, shut the computer down, reconnect the scanner cable firmly to the computer, plug the scanner into a wall socket (not into a power strip or a surge protector), turn in the scanner on first waiting for the ready light to turn solid green (not blinking). After you get a solid green light, reboot the computer.

Step 4. After the computer comes up, do a test scan.

Also make sure you are running the scanner from an on-board USB port and not from a hub.

There doesnt seem to be a lot of problems with this model, by a quick look on Google.

29-03-2003, 01:05 PM
Thank you very much for your interest shown with my Twain error Godfather. Unfortunately I have already tried your suggestions previous to my posting of the problem. I suspect as much it is one of those fecal hardware problems where the scanner itself may work at one time and not others. I was just hoping someone out there may have had a similar problem. Good to know though they seem reliable enough. Twain by the way actually comes from the Kipling "and never the twain shall meet" with reference to it being the middle guy software, the acronim came from a competition as to what it stood for. But thats about my diagnostics knowledge of Twain. The drivers seem to be there ok, they just come up with this error. Thanks anyway Godfather....

29-03-2003, 01:20 PM
try d/loading fresh drivers from the net