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07-12-1999, 03:48 PM
Hi, I have a P166mmx pc with 32 megs ram, I bought a 8x4 cd writer from auzzie with a Symbois logic scsi II card, I also have a scanner plugged into this card. I can read and play games from the writer but cannot use it as a writer, it locks up when reading to a packet, also I cannot get the scanner to work, I had the scanner working on its own card. In the boot up I get the message 'DTC 3X8X ASPI No adapters found', also 'DTC 3X8X SCSI Manager for dos. Version 3.3T.04' The instructions for the scanner instruct not to load the win drivers if it is not a adaptec card. Some advise would be great.
The writer is a Panasonic 8 read X 4 Write and the scanner is a Artec Viewstation AT3