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24-03-2003, 10:03 PM
I have MSN messenger on my system which is winxp home..and as all versions do..it came with a msn messenger already installed...but..when getting it..i didnt know that..so i installed another msn by downloading, and overtime have been able to run 2 msn messengers at once...with 2 different hotmail or non hotmail addresses...But, today i must have done something when i was removing downloaded files to get some space...and now when i log onto the net, outlook starts up and for some reason it connects to MSN...and i can talk 2 ppl...and the MSN contact window thingy still says "signing in" then when it gets to the point of being signed in...a window comes up and says "msn signed out as signed in another location" meaning...i have 2 msns going on the same address on this computer...and one..is invisiable...and one is not...and i cant seem to uninstall the other one...and i dunno....
I am using watever version of MSN...that came with xphome and downloaded from microsoft...and outlook express 6....so yeah
Can someone help me...
I would remove one of the MSN versions if required..i dont even need it...its just sometimes i chat to some one on this one and sometimes i wanna talk 2 someone else on the other...so yeah..i think i may as well just add all contacts to one address and use that one.....
I just want Outlook to stop starting up MSN...and yeah for me to connect to MSN by clicking "sign in" on the MSN window..not having outlook doing it automatically...

Sorry this is long..hope its detailed enough for some help :-)



24-03-2003, 10:09 PM
Have a look through, I think there's something in the FAQ.

Susan B helped me out.. I removed Windows Messanger, which is what came with XP. MSN Messenger is different!

Try checking the FAQ, and/or the PF1 archives.

BTW - Isnt it great though being able to sign into to accounts at once? There's always the polypoly patch or something... weird name.. good use though ;-)

Neil McC
24-03-2003, 10:16 PM
Hi Chris.I think you need to select Tools/Options/Preferences to get the screen where you can select/unselect start up with Windows. ("Run this program when Windows starts" in ME). That's on my MSN Messenger screen.

24-03-2003, 10:33 PM
Ok..now how do i find out which msn is the one i uninstalling..
and i cant find either one on remove programs..or in windows components...and i did the %SystemRoot%\inf\sysoc.inf thingy..and its still not there...

Susan B
25-03-2003, 10:11 AM
Pretty weird that you managed to have two MSNs working at the same time! :O I bet you were annoyed when you lost that "feature". :D

Anyway, I have no idea how you can find out which MSN is which, but you could have a look in Windows Explorer/Program Files and see if there are two Messenger folders. If there are, check their Version Numbers in Properties and perhaps rename the folder with the older version for now, just to see what happens. The Win XP version of MSN might then be the only one you have available. Not entirely sure on that, but you could try it.

As far as preventing Outlook Express from loading MSN, in OE go to Tools>Options>General and remove the tick from "Automatically log on to Windows Messenger". Also, if you have the "Contacts" pane visible in OE it will probably cause MSN to load, so get rid of that too.

If that does not fix your log on problem let us know.

25-03-2003, 10:54 AM
i could mangage 3 if i use trillian :P
i havent actually lost the feature...
its just all of a sudden one is signing in with outlook, when usually i get 2 msn messnegers come up when i sign onto the net...
i'll probably remove them both and then install the latest one from MSN Messenger website

But i can say that...i had a look last nite in "remove program files" or whatever it says...that uninstalls my files..and not one line had MSN messenger, nor in the windows components too...and i did change that sys file to unhide it..but it still doesnt?...or did i need to restart system?....guess i'll find out 2nite when i get home...

I've also got that unticked (automatically log on windows messenger)...and contacts pane is long gone...and its been like that ever since sept/oct 2002...