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Chris Randal
23-03-2003, 09:20 AM
Further to a previous post I am trying to open .doc files in Star Office 5.2.
The new file type is .sdw.
I have set up an association from .doc to Star Office but the only options were to select the .exe file.
That only brings up the desktop in Star Office, not the word processing part of the program.
Any help gratefully accepted.

BTW I tried FAQ but couldn't get into the topic
Many thans

Stumped Badly
23-03-2003, 09:57 AM
Been along time, but from memory when you start 5.2 the whole program loads, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation maker etc & you have to select which app you want to use from the toolbar.
This is pretty hard on memory etc.
Can you not open the doc from file>open?
What version of word was the doc made in as I'm not sure if it supports 2000/XP versions.
I'm pretty sure when I tried 5.2 that a panel came along the bottom & you could select which component you needed.
There might be a tools menu somwhere to turn this back on if it is not appearing.
Latest version of Open Office (should be able to find it on a cover disc somewhere) is much better & only loads the component you need.