View Full Version : Internet/modem problem

05-12-1999, 11:24 PM
I can get online OK, but only for about 3/4hr and then I'm disconnected. When I reconnect it is for about 5 mins, and the following attempts give me a few seconds.
If the computer has been switched on for say an hour - even if no other software has been running in that period - then I go online, it immediately kicks me off. This I thought was a heat buildup problem - but if I RESET or REBOOT I can immediately go online again for about 1/2hr!

I have a Dynalink 56K modem (which I exchanged for a new one to no avail) and Win98 and Explorer V5.

I have had Telecom check the line both remotely as well as from the house.
I have tried unplugging any other phones/fax but no change.