View Full Version : Fonts under Java & video card

17-03-2003, 09:34 PM
I am trying out an open source editor written in Java called JEdit. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac & maybe others. On WinXP the fonts I see in the editor are fuzzy and less clear than the same font in another non-Java editor I normally use that uses the Windows fonts. I have the latest Sun Java Runtime Environment. Why would the fonts be different in JEdit - does Java use the Windows font files. The font that I normally use - Monospac821 BT - does appear in the font list in Jedit, which makes me think it uses the windows font files - but it appears messy in Jedit.

I have an Intel motherbd with on board graphics - i.e. no separate graphics card. I also have a 17 inch flat screen viewsonic monitor with a problem which is that the edges of the "visible screen" are curved and vertical lines anywhere on the screen are a little curved - it's fairly annoying.

Under Mandrake Linux, my screen appears a little grainy due to no proper driver for the Intel graphics yet but 16 bit colour mode does work after I set the video buffer size in the BIOS to 8MB.

If I bought a video card, would my font and monitor problems go away or improve? What is a good video card that will work with Linux. I don't need fast video - I just need clear text and non curved lines. I've thought of an LCD monitor but not sure I want to spend that much or lose some screen space.

Thanks for any suggestions.