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14-03-2003, 05:28 PM
Hi guys

Like most of us I subscribe to a number of new letters. I always check the box to receive them in html format.

To date I have never had a problem. However I have been getting a weekly newsletter for sometime now and it comes complete with xml code and all the binaries for the images. Last week’s one was 37,000 lines long.

I have talked to the person responsible for the letter but so far have not been able to solve the problem.

My vital statistics are Win98 Se, Outlook Express 6, my mail comes through a server Work Group Mail, I have Zone Alarm, Norton Anti Virus and MailWasher—yeah it's a small wonder anything gets through all that.

I cannot understand why it is just this one newsletter the gives me trouble. I am trying to eliminate any problems I might have at my end before blaming anyone else.

I’m sure it will be something simple oldfart. ?:|

14-03-2003, 07:13 PM
If all other HTML mails are coming through fine, then i'd have to suspect that there is something dodgy in the way the mail is coded. Is there anything that is unusual in the format of this email?????

Perhaps you could try forwarding the said email to someone else to see if they have problems with it too?


14-03-2003, 09:16 PM
This sometimes happens to me too, i get emails as html code.

Maybe the mail server is converting the code to text or something?

14-03-2003, 09:26 PM

The code always was text, its just that your email client reads certain combinations as instructions on how to deal with the rest. If it is html, then some will become page structure, and some will become images (unless the images are pulled from the web)

Now if the email client can't handle it, the messge gets a bit cut off it, or was improperly coded, it may end up looking like the sourse of a web page, only worse.


14-03-2003, 09:33 PM
Thanks Clueless

Why is it that someone else always thinks of the sensible/simple suggestions?
I forwarded the email to someone as you suggested. Unfortunately it did not work for them either. This probably means that the problem is not with my equipment. Therefore I have to rely on another party to fix it—if they can be bothered.

Cheers oldfart B-)

Heather P
14-03-2003, 09:51 PM
>...xml code ...

hmm, the sender wouldn't, by any chance, be creating the html in MSWord?

A program renowned for blowing code out to unacceptable length.

If so, suggest they use a different authoring program or learn html.

14-03-2003, 10:28 PM
Hi Heather P

I don’t think Word is the culprit. I took a peek at the source it looks far to clean for a Word produce page. I did find a reference—‘Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6”. I don’t know anything about MS Exchange except that it is a DB perhaps it is on the server. I don’t think it is responsible for the code?

Any ideas? Oldfart ?:|

Heather P
14-03-2003, 10:38 PM
ah, Exchange and Word have a common feature - Microsoft created them both. Same programmers, same problem methinks.