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14-03-2003, 12:35 AM
i'm getting ***** off at work because some of the NEW HIGH performance gaming machines don't like MICE & it makes a $3500+ paper weight
I'm trying to figure out why the mice die after you use some of computers for about an hour. PS2and USB, Laser and ball.
its not windows.
its no any program.
its the hardware.
with the lasermice the red laser on the bottoms dulls to almost nothing. i'm thinking its the Power or the Motherboard
we have 30 comps all the same and it happens on 3 of them
After reading this months PC-World artical on Power Supplies i got thinking its the power
they have 350W Power, 1GB RAM, P4 2.4Ghz, GeForce 4 Titaniums, but i don't know about the mother board
what do you think?

any input is handy

Billy T
14-03-2003, 08:59 AM
Hi sc0ut

There was a post on this same mouse problem some time in the last few months so it might be worth your while to do a search (if it wasn't by you of course).

With a 350W psu I can't see the load imposed by a mouse being an issue. You would probably have boot problems long before that load level as the supply would sag under the start-up surge and fail to run up to full power. I had this problem myself some time ago when I pushed a 250 watt supply too close to its limits. It wouldn't start so I took load off the added it back once the psu was up and running until I could replace it.

Sounds more like some peculiarity in the mouse software or even a mouse fault but it is worth looking for that earlier post.


Billy 8-{)

Billy T
14-03-2003, 09:08 AM
Oops :8}

Just checked and it was you sc0ut.

Is it the same problem? If so, how about reviewing your previous post and giving us a list of what you have tried etc. I take it that as per your previous difficulties, only a small proportion of the mice give this problem and it is mouse-specific not computer specific, i.e. swapping a good mouse and a bad mouse shift the problem to the other computer.


Billy 8-{)

Graham L
14-03-2003, 04:33 PM
It could be that the mice pull 100 mA continuously. Some PS/2 (and probably USB) ports use a "Polyfuse" to protect the supply from shorts. (These are used in some audio amplifiers now too). The Polyfuse goes high resistance if it is over its critical current for too long. I imagine that there is a fairly wide tolerance on the operating current of the PF.

See if you get the problem with a mouse connected to an external (with power supply) USB hub. See if you get the problem with a good old traditional testicled mouse, which will pull something more like 20 mA.