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05-03-2003, 09:04 AM
was reading terms and conditions of trademe.co.nz as am putting some software up...
and it says...

Sale of films, videos, DVD's, VCD's and Laser Disks: The sale of films, videos, DVD's, VCD's and Laser Disks is covered by the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act 1993. It is an offence to sell any of these goods if they have not been examined and classified by the appropriate agencies. This offence carries a maximum penalty of $3,000 per publication. If any publication was sold, and deemed to be objectionable, the maximum penalty consists of 1 years imprisonment or a fine of $20,000, per publication. [Added at the request of the Department of Internal Affairs, 8th December 2000]

is software included as i'm unsure if they are wording it different..or anything...and if i have to see one of the "appropriate agencies" what should i do?..

Billy T
05-03-2003, 09:24 AM
Hi Chris

It applies principally to films and other visual mediums that could be offensive, i.e. violence or pornography. If you are reselling second hand commercial software that falls within those criteria, provided it was purchased in NZ from a reputable retailer or wholesaler it will have been classified and should have a sticker. If it came to you via dodgy sources (and I am sure you will know exactly what I mean) and it contains potentially objectionable content not suitable for general viewing or use then you should be very careful.

The approriate authorities (Internal Affairs) maintain a watch on such sites to catch smuggled imports of objectionable material or private imports that slipped through the net (so to speak).

Normal software applications do not need to be classified, though the language produced when using them can sometimes be extreme, especially after the umpteenth BSOD :D


Billy 8-{)

05-03-2003, 09:34 AM
so if its anything brought at well known stores...bond and bond or dicks smith..or the warehouse..then its all good?..
I was just checking so i dont get caught out ;) many thanks Billy T