View Full Version : Many freezes since IE5 installed

30-11-1999, 12:52 PM
Since installing IE5 my system has frozen many times. This can happen when any program is used, even when it is the only one running. I have a PC with 64 Mb RAM and 3.2 Gb hard drive, partitioned into C and D. Pentium 133. As a result of reading your December edition I took a look at my IRQs. Here they are,
00 System timer
01 Keyboard
02 Programmable interrupt controller
03 Com 2
04 Com 1
05 ESS ES1868 Plug and Play Audtio Drive
06 Standard floppy disk controller
07 LPT1
08 System CMOS/real time clock
12 Standard IDE ESDI HD controller
13 Numeric data processor
14 Standard Dual PCI IDE controller
14 Primary IDe controller (single fifo)
15 Standard Dual PCI IDE controller
15 Secondary IDE controller (single fifo)

I'm sure that makes sense to somebody.