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27-02-2003, 07:48 PM
Well folks, this is my second lil' review for ya.

I dunno if I'll keep it up, the reception of the last one wasnt too welcoming.

Basically once in a while I'd review a nifty wee piece of software I've tried out (Like NeroNET for Windows, or WineX for Linux), and post it here.

But Im hoping you'll all post telling me what you think of the review this time, and if you want me to carry on or not.. :-)

I dont mind either way :-) So here goes:

Software title:
WineX 2.2-2.i386

And Linux system that's compatible with the .rpm format

As a relatively new linux user, I thought I would try out the gaming side of it. Id been addicted to those bundled ones for a wee while, but wanted to revivie some of my older windows games, and I thought why not.. I couldnt try out Jedi Knight seeing as I cant get my drivers working still (see here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=31998) if u wanna help PLEASE!!!).

So, anyways, I decided to try out Jedi Knight, the origional one for Win95/NT.

I installed the rpm file easily enough, opened a konsole window and typed:
rpm -ivh winex2.2-2.i386.rpm
and it was fine. I probably could have simply double clicked it on my desktop, but I was in the mood to try out my memory of commands :-)

It creates a folder in the roots home directory called Transgaming_Drive, funnily enough, its made by TransGaming!
you can still access it from each individual users account, just go into their home directory and it relocates you :-)

From there, youve gotta know your way around the Konsole a wee bit, double clicking of Setup.EXE and choosing "Run with WineX" doesnt seem to work for me.

Basically, I had to change to /mnt/cdrom/ and type:
winex setup.exe
It would then do some sort of program prep, and get ready to install!

I installed two programs. Jedi Knight (The original, NOT Jedi Outcast), and Road Rash!
Now, Installation went smoothly as anything for them both, and when I was done, it was change folder to:
/root/Transgaming_Drive/Program\ Files/yada yada yaaaah...
And I'd run:
winex programIwant.exe
nice and easy.
Things went quite smoothly.
JediKnight was easy to get going, although neither programs liked my Vesa driver... Go figure. I got JediKnight running in a 640x480 window though, on both my GF4 card running on an AMD 1700+, and I tried it on a P300, with a 2 Meg Milennium card. Both were same, however, I noted that when running in doze, the Milennium card could only do about 512x480 at very best, and that was struggling for a good FPS rate. It worked fine at 640x480.

Anyways, the only thing I noticed wrong about ti was that I couldnt hit Esc when playing. This may have been due to my Vesa driver, but it was a pain having to kill my X-Window session each time... Back to the login screen just to exit it.

Road Rash was great, only the fonts were a little bigger, nothing major thou, it still looked normal. When I was actually in the game however it ended up being all rainbow colors using only half the screen... A bit wierd, but again, Im blaming the Vesa driver.

I cant say too much else at this time, only that preformance on the P300 was MUCH better in WineX than in 98, 2K, XP, or .NET for that matter! (All those OS's have been used on that PC with that game.. :-))

So, If you think you can help me solve my problem with my driver, I'll review Jedi Knight 2 : Jedi Outcast, and let you know how it performs with more modern-day games :-)

Lemme know what you think guys!



27-02-2003, 10:02 PM
Good work Chilling_Silence. I only wish I knew more about Linux and could help you with your driver problem because I reckon things could be quite impressive then.

28-02-2003, 10:30 AM
I posted hints to a possible solution for your problem in your other posting. You will gain significant performance from using the NVidia drivers. Using these drivers will enable you to utilize DGA addressing which will also boost performance 200% and allow you to run full screen 1024x768+ resolution no problems.

You'll never get the same performance out of WineX as you do with DirectX on Windows do to the architecture of Linux. If you are keen on Linux gaming you should check out Linux versions of software such as Quake III and UT. These provide performace better than their Windows equivalents as they are native Linux.

On saying this Wine and WineX have come along way and are looking very promising for the future.

28-02-2003, 11:18 AM
Actually, Ive read that there are fully authentic reviews done that haev experienced upto a 300% performance increase on Q3-Engine based games.

And like my p300, i could get an "acceptable" frame-rate on 98 or 2K with a 512x480, whereas on the Vesa driver in WineX, I got "Excellent" (My opinion, probably about 20 in doze, and about 40 in Rh8) at a higher res of 640x480!

Im just heading over to the other thread now thanks :-)

01-03-2003, 07:01 PM
Well, I can safely say that with the right drivers (I finally did it! Yay) it absolutely rocks!

I ran Jedi Knight : Jedi Outcast (The latest one) at a res of 1024x768 with triliniear filtering, and it was beutiful!

Played so smoothly!

On doze, however, I was limited to 800x600 with biliniear texture filtering!

Ive fallen in love.... and Im enjoying every minute of it.

Seriously though...

I tried Road Rash again, same problems.

Now, Im just waiting for Quake to arrive (Bought off trademe a while back) and I'll try that..!!!

Anyways, I'll try installing a Quake Demo or something off an old PCW CD.

Another thing, yanc (Yet Another NVidia Configurator) is great for setting up anti-aliasing and TVO - Im just giving it a look over now.

All up, with the latest nvidia drivers, WineX has made my GF4 MX 440 Shine!