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25-02-2003, 12:45 PM
Can anyone out there help me. Have attempted to get what I need from the manufacturers website but could only find an updated driver, (which I THINK I have downloaded). I have an Acer Prisa 320p scanner and Ulead Express software which I cannot get to go since upgrading from Win98 to Win XP Home edition. The scanner goes fine on other software (Microsoft Photo It) but that programme is very limited.
How do I find some udated software (if that is what I need)?

25-02-2003, 01:47 PM
I had many problems with software and hardware after upgrading to XP from Me. My printer, scanner, modem, soundcard and web cam would not go. The printer and scanner problem eventually was solved with updated drivers but unfortunately my soundcard and web cam now collect dust as no updated drivers could be found (bloody annoying)
However have you tried using a search engine (google was my choice) and not just manufacturers site and typed in the name of your device or software? I found better drivers for my modem on third party sites than vendors driver (apart from having to remove modem speaker as it would not shut up even once connected)
I also found out a lot by reading forums like this on various sites like this and found I wasnt alone with my device and software worries, I had to search a bit for some information and I wasn't thrilled with some answers either.
With your u-lead software have you tried using xp's compatibility feature? (right click on u-lead program, click properties, compatibility tab) This feature did not help me with any of my failing software but it might for you. I don't think it's your driver as you say the scanner works with other software (my girlfriend has U-Lead too and it does work on XP but It took some stuffing around and she probably has different version)
It could be time to up date your software if you want to keep XP

25-02-2003, 02:31 PM
thanks very much for that info. Had already tried Google but obviously didn't put in enough detail. Anyway tried again just now got the info that I req'd from Ulead. But saints alive you have to BUY the update! No wonder our computer firm didn't update it for us when we changed to WinXP. Am going to think about it in the meantime. Cheers

25-02-2003, 03:12 PM
Typical eh, it almost seems like a bit of financial back-slapping between software companies to keep you having to update software that suddenly isnt compatible. It's rare to see a vendor supporting products they dont manufacture any more, thats why I'd try third party sites as they are generally helpful and dont want more than a click to sponsor or make you suffer a few pop-ups.

25-02-2003, 03:36 PM
in the meantime I found an update patch applicable to the version and downloaded that. But it isn't quite enough. It comes back at me with a window saying to set the settings and colours diferently but even when I do that it doesn't make a difference. Grrrr, it is such a good programme too. But bl..... useless if you can't open it. I wonder what would happen if I unplugged the scanner and plugged it in again, would WinXP seek the necessary updates? Probably not, seeing it is running perfectly with Microsoft Picture It.

25-02-2003, 05:47 PM

Not sure if you want XP drivers for the acer or the ulead, anyway here is a google link for acer in case you might not have seen some of these.


And above is a XP search for ulead drivers.

25-02-2003, 08:05 PM
Hi Poppy

Try going to www.benq.com I have just been down this track in the last week and my Acer 620 is working fine. However be warned that you should read the FAQ information on how to install the scanner driver to XP. I could only find it at the North American site, I downloaded the driver from Benq australia.

Benq has taken over the Acer scanners it would appear

Hope this helps

26-02-2003, 01:35 PM
Thanks to every one of you for your suggestions. I visited all the sites you mentioned. nothing was simple and straightforward as far as I could see. My husband was watching over my shoulder as I proceeded and was gobsmacked at what the procedures were. It was incredibly frustrating, as at most of them you seem to have to register as a user on their site (that is, after a trail of clicking which seemed to go on forever). On one of them you even had to download the Chinese language before you could proceed to I don't know what. I think I am fed up. All I really want (I think) is updated Ulead software but as I said before you have to pay for it. Thanks anyway.

26-02-2003, 04:12 PM
There are more powerful and better editing programs than Ulead photo express. How about trying The gimp (www.gimp.org) which is free. It has some of the editing capabilities which photoshop has

26-02-2003, 07:34 PM
Hi Poppy

Assuming you already have Ulead Photo Express you can update it free by going to www.benq.com and doing the following:

Click Australia
Click Scanner
Click Service & Support
Click Scanner
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Click Ulead Photo Express
Point on Downloads
Click Free Downloads
Point on Downloads
Click Updates & Patches
Click On select a product drill down arrow
Click Ulead Photo Express
Select your site (?)

I had Ulead photo Express loaded for a while and found it slow and difficult to operate there is a host of other programmes that can do a much better job, but if you are happy with Photo Express then why not stick to it.

By the way you will find that the update probably doesn't do a lot however click on the "applicable operating systems" while you are in there, it says there no reason why it wont operate in XP it doesn't say that XP will recognise that.

Regards K

28-02-2003, 01:09 PM
hi Kelvin
this was truly helpful thankyou. (Just the sort of detail an old duck needs). But I got a bit stomped when I couldn't find Ulead v.2.0 SE.... it didn't appear to go below 3.0
So being timid (not really true becos I have got myself into some real scrapes by being bold) have not proceeded further. There is also a faint possibility of a source (on a CD) from a friend (when time permits). He has also offered me Photoshop and I do wonder if this is the way to go.

15-03-2007, 09:20 AM
Hey Poppy, I hope you resolved your problem by now.

I know this will sound like it's from left field, but would you have a copy of the Ulead s/w. I lost my copy. I also have an Acer 620P scanner. I had some system problems after loading a LINKSYS wireless router, decided I didn't need it and removed it. I had to reload the operating system Win98. That's when I realilzed I couldn't find my Ulead CD.

I've been all over the net but can't find a free download.

If you can help, thanks in advance.


08-06-2007, 06:21 PM
hi guys,
i ve lost my software CD of Acer6687 scanner (model Prisa320p), if any one could help me pls contact via E-mail.
thanking you