View Full Version : XP won't hybernate

23-02-2003, 06:13 PM
hi everyone,
im placing this one out again as i have still had no joy and am starting to get seriously suicidal or the problems starting to get on my wick or both...

I have this niggly little problem with windows xp. when the computer go's to stand-by or hybernate i get this nasty message saying " unable to Stand by due to terminal server mouse driver, please close all programs and try again" blah blah and promptly kills my mouse cursor just the cursor mind the mouse still functions you just cant see the cursor.ok. so i close everything still the same problem. ok so ya cant close terminal server. so i check with microsoft they say that the terminal server mouse driver im using is not supported by windows power management and that i should get an updated driver from the mouse manufacturer. ok thats a fair enough call except that i have a microsoft optical wheel mouse running with the latest intelepoint drivers. now 1. would removing terminal server from the system fix the problem 'probibly' if i can remove it and how? just disabling it will not work i tryed . 2. is there a better terminal server mouse driver.

i have tried disabling terminal server and have had no joy.

anyone know how to tie a noose?


PS. windows = windows XP Pro sp1