View Full Version : No-speak microphone

25-11-1999, 08:42 AM
I'm about to start a new venture where I need to play messages on my Bitware mail box. However, I can't get the mike to work to record my personal messages. The troubleshooting file tells me I need to close jumpers 1-2 and 3-4 on the motherboard, but there are no jumpers pertaining to the mike connection. Bitware mentions the fact that some manufacturers anticipate the use of a 'Powered microphone' I presume that is a mike that has it's own power supply? I'd prefer not to have to use one of them, as the tangle of computer power cords on the floor, already resembles a dropped plate of Spaghetti bolognaise.
This version of bitware also doesn't support the use of the handset to record messages whereas on my old computer with a previous version of Bitware I could do all of the above! (and still can, so it's not the mike itself)
Does the problem lie with Bitware, my soundcard or my modem?
Win98, 32MB SDRam, MB Mycomp M15VP4/1MB Cache Ram; PCI Sooundcard (SB compatible); Modem:Dynalink 56K PCI
Bitware version:3.30.11S