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22-02-2003, 11:11 AM
Since my reformat last week I have some songs that I can't play on this computer.

They were copied from CD using windows media player which I'm not familiar or comfortable with as I have always used rioport audio manager for all music related things. I didn't notice until today that they are .wma files, not mp3s. They played fine before my reformat, but now I can't load them into my playlist as it tells me they are 'protected files', asks for a licence, then sends me to the microsoft media player download page (which doesn't get me a licence!).

I dont want these files to need a licence every time I reformat or use a different computer, so is there a way to bypass this? Can I turn them into MP3s? Or do I need to copy all the songs again using mp3 format?

Also does anyone know any reliable programs to convert audio cds to mp3? Rioport is brilliant but I only get 50 free reads, I'm greedy and want more than that :D

22-02-2003, 11:53 AM
the wma was proberly done with the protection on (its on by default) so you are stuffed as the lience was deleted when you formatted. go rerip the songs. i prefer cdex (http://www.cdex.n3.net/) tho there are others such as dbpowerAMP, EAC, music match etc.

just remember to do rip it to a decent bitrate/quality useing a good codec. i perfer ogg but other good ones include lame or even better the loss free codecs :)

22-02-2003, 12:06 PM
Just connect to the net and open it in WMP 7 or higher and it'll try to download the liscence for you?! Did for me after 3 OS upgrades/formats.

Use CDex though.. Or anything that'll make MP3's, Just not WMP!

22-02-2003, 08:29 PM
Thanks tweak, I had a feeling I was a bit stuffed there. Bit of a bother (am I allowed to say the toyota word in here? ;) ) coz there's quite a pile of these files. *sigh*

Have downloaded cdex and will have a peek, thanks for your suggestion :)

Chilling: That's what I thought & expected it would do when it said it had to get me a licence. But I was only sent to the WMP download page. Perhaps a hint that I need to update first? Either way I aint gunna! I dislike WMP intensely and would rather not do anything that ties me down to using it again some day, so I think it makes sense to delete them all and re-rip (ohh gawd there goes an afternoon)

Thanks again for your help guys :) most appreciated.