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17-02-2003, 08:53 PM
I have posted this message before but had no answers to help me solve the mystery.

I have downloaded a screensaver with music. Was sitting back enjoying the screen and music when suddenly this window came up and the music stopped

THE MESSAGE. ......................


Turn off Midi App to run D sound.

What does that mean can anyone out there advise me??????????


17-02-2003, 09:16 PM

1. What is the Screen saver name and version?
2. What operating system version are you running?
3. What version of DirectX are you running?
[try start > run > dxdiag [enter] for information about this.
4. Are you able to take a screen shot of the exact error message?
5. Have you been having this or similair error/s anywhere else? and if so where
6. Are there any other errors which can presently recognise on your system or abnormalities?

AT first glance it may perhaps be some sort of conflict between the screen saver and DirectX but that is not a complete analysis and further details need to be detailed which either confirm or infact be contradictory to this.

18-02-2003, 12:42 PM

The Screensaver is named Country Hideaway and plays a John Denver song. (One of the other musical Sc.S. originally did the same thing) I run Windows 98SE and the DirectX version WAS 8.0.

When I did as you said 'Run etc.......' and decided to test everything, the Direct Sound Test read "your sound card does not support hardware buffering. Sound will only play back from Software Buffers."

Then when I read the results file that I had saved in one part it read " problems were found in the System Registry suggest re installing Direct X." I had been going to anyway as when checking Windows Updates the other day saw there was a new version. 8.1 so I have done that job. Re tested and now no registry problem shows ..............

Have Just tested the Screensaver again and all appears to be ok.

Can you tell me what the results of the Direct Sound test mean.......your sound card...................................etc and what would that affect?????



18-02-2003, 01:22 PM

Just came to use the computer again and when the screen saver disappeared the DIRECT SOUND ERROR - turn off Midi APP to run D sound - was there again ...............soooooooooothe problem hasn't gone away!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it is to do with the sound card not supporting hardware buffering.

Grrrrrrrrr Katydid

18-02-2003, 01:25 PM
Your soundcard does not support hardware buffering means that you most likely have a cheap sound card / on-board sound which don't have their own processor. The CPU does all the work.

18-02-2003, 04:45 PM

i just downloaded the one you have mentioned but i could not replicate the error. This could be due to different versions of the program, Operating system, other applications or hardware.

I would suggest installing DirectX8.1B or above although i dont know which version you presently have.

Check in device manager [Start > [settings] > Control panel > system > [Hardware tab] > device manager tab to make sure there are no ? or ! which may mean incorrect drivers, conflicts or other problems.

I would also check ontop of DirectX you check which the sound device provider / Manufacturer if there is any updates which may offer support.

I would suggest testing the sound, probably midi more so of the sound, to test if it has any problems outside this application / Screen saver which may indicate a problem which may be easier to troubleshoot rather than something which is a single file and may be hard to know the inner workings of.

Additionally you might want to see if downloading the file again and see if that helps

18-02-2003, 06:02 PM
The Version I downloaded today from Windows Update was Directx 8.1 ( Coming from Windows it must be the latest, surely.

I think I will look into the sound card and probably get hold of the PC Company where I bought the Computer from, to see what they say.

Thanks for your help.