View Full Version : IRQ conflict after installing modem

19-11-1999, 11:10 AM
I have just installed a PCI modem and Voodoo 2 card to my system. The Voodoo card installation appears to have gone without a hitch but I have struck a problem with the modem installation.

The modem is a Speedcom PCI V90 56K.

In the Device Manager section, it shows I have a conflict with the Yamaha OPL3 -Sax IDE hard disk controller. Closer inspection shows that the modem installation has included the installation of a Conexant PCI Modem Enumerator and this has been allocated IRQ 11.

In the conflicting device box of the OPL3 Sax IDE it says:

'IRQ 11 used by IRQ holder for PCI steering; IRQ 11 used by Conexant PCI modem enumerator.'

This IRQ is also being used by the Yamaha OPL3-Sax IDE controller. I have tried to use the hardware troubleshooter but this is relatively new territory for me. Windows tells me that for the modem enumerator to use IRQ 11, I will have to remove the OPL3 Sax Sound board from that IRQ.

When I installed the modem and Voodoo card I removed the old ISA modem, shifted the Yamaha sound card over one ISA slot and then plugged in both modem and Voodoo PCI cards. The board has four PCI slots with one still free so I don't think it is anything to do with the physical installation.

The other thing I have noticed is that the old ISA modem was allocated to Comms port 2 - this new modem has been given Comms port 3? IS this relevant? Why wouldn';t it also be allocated Coms Port 2?

I have tried removing the modem card and this brings me back to having no conflicts in the device manager.

I have looked a the IRQ list without the new modem and it shows IRQ's 9, 10, 11, as the S3 Virge, OPL3Sax sound, and OPL3Sax IDE respectively.

Any thoughts on how to get my modem going would be appreciated.

System specs are: IDT Winchip 2a 233, 48MB RAM, 4.3GB and 1.2GB H/D, Win98.


Darryl Lennane