View Full Version : Dial in Networking error

19-11-1999, 02:35 AM
Im kinda hoping someone has seen this before.
I have a Dell Latiture Laptop, which when I log on locally to the machine,I can RAS in to the local domain without any problems, Domain uses DHCP.

If however I try and logon using dial up networking (NT4,svc pk 5). This is the same modem, cable etc that works fine if I log in to the machine and then dial in, I get an error 'Error 15, TCP/IP CP... Failed to find the drive specified'. It then kicks me out.

On checking event viewer I find the following 'DHCP failed to obtain a lease for the card with network address 0050DA5593CA. The following error occured - The semaphore timeout period has expired'

Ive checked Technet, and a few of the forums, but no answers - nothing really close. Any help much appreciated.