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12-02-2003, 09:16 PM
My dial up networking connection pauses every so often for up to 45 seconds. The green flashing lights in the task bar cease flashing and no bytes are sent or received during the pause.

Then for no reason at all, the connection will start up again and continue fine..

any ideas on what to do. I have run ad aware and checked other TSR's running, no joy


Jim B
12-02-2003, 10:24 PM
Has this just started or have you always had this problem
Are you in a main centre or rural
What operating system are you using and type of modem

12-02-2003, 11:05 PM
One of my friends had this problem and he concluded that it must be the phone lines, because this was his happening to his computer at his office (his "office" was in a rural area) and when he took it home there was no problem....it might be time to ring telecom and see what they can do, but I fear you will get better results talking to a bar of soap.

(No offense to anyone at telecom, but they dont seem to be able to do anything about "bad" phone lines.)

14-02-2003, 09:45 PM
Thanks - the problem started a couple of months ago, previously my connection was flawless. I also run Ihug ultra on the same line and that suffers the same modem pauses aswell. (same machine)

Im running win 98se and Ultra runs fine (nd fast - up to 300KBps) between the pause sessions. The pauses occur randomly, sometimes every couple of minutes, othertimes every 20 mins....this leads me down the line problem path. I am also rural (helensville) but have no probs - I get a 52000bps connection everytime.

I will try a few line checks with telecom.
Any other ideas?

14-02-2003, 10:38 PM
whats your actual download speed when useing the modem (ie not useing ihug)? when you get the pauses pick up another phone and listen. do you get the sound of the pc "talking back and forth" like they are trying to connect? (just note sometimes that will cause the modem to disconect)

cheak for spyware and any other progs that use the net in the background.

14-02-2003, 10:44 PM
Tried disabling call-waiting before dialling your internet connection? Just a thought but could be it...??


Jim B
14-02-2003, 11:37 PM
It might be an IHUG problem as I have noticed at times the the download just stalls but no problem with another ISP
Others with an IHUG connection might comment.