View Full Version : Server Timeouts, My Sys or ISP Overload

Broo C em
09-02-2003, 11:03 AM
I've had a dialup account with Paradise for years & years. about since when they first started. Service used to be great, rarely got a 'busy' & email send/receives were consistently reliable.

Over the past year or more (since Telstra buy-in) I get an increasingly more frequent prob with my mail 'timing out' with an error message that 'the remote server failed to respond in a timely fashion' etc.

When I confront Telstra-Paradise 'Help' they say "Oh it MUST be your mail client, but we dont support Outlook any more (only Outlook Express) so you'll have to sort it out yourself'!

The thing is this ~ that about 30% of the time my send/receive cycles thru without a hitch (typically late at night or early morning) but during business hours & 'after school' etc I get the problem consistently. How can it be a problem with MY gear sometimes, but not at others?

Seems to me more likely they are having trafffic overloads on their mail servers but wont 'fess up' ~ if this is a correct interpretation it seems my only choice is to drift on along to a new ISP.

Can anybuddy cast some light on whether the trouble could be at my end intermitently, or more likely due to unadmitted overload at the Telstra/Paradise end of the wire?


Graham L
09-02-2003, 02:28 PM
Your client sends a request to the server. If the server does not respond before a timer (in the client) expires, you will get an error message. Internal delays in your client should not be a problem.

As long as your client has the right address for the server (so there is no redirection going on ... which could slow things down at busy times) I guess that the server is being overloaded. Make sure that you have the correct server addresses ... maybe their end has been changed, but with redirection so that old setup will still work (most of the time :D).

Big John
09-02-2003, 03:25 PM
Change the timeout option on OutLook to Long Timeouts. I have mine set at 10 minutes and have never had a time out since. Not sure what version you using so cant tell you where it is but it is usually under connection/advanced settings/timeouts.
This is on a DSL line as well and not dialup so it does happen with Jetstream. Just increase the timeout and your errors should go.