View Full Version : OT: Survey - How did you find out about PressF1?

07-02-2003, 09:19 PM
I found out about it through a mate of mine, as well as through my brother.


07-02-2003, 09:21 PM


07-02-2003, 09:31 PM
pcworld mag...

07-02-2003, 09:35 PM
the internet

07-02-2003, 09:36 PM
Robo's section - PC World

07-02-2003, 09:39 PM
pcworld mag...

Terry Porritt
07-02-2003, 09:40 PM
Through the NZ PC World mag. This was my first posting, maybe the week PF1 started online.


07-02-2003, 09:41 PM
It's an instinct, like breathing, you don't find out, it just happens :D:p:D:p:D:p

Susan B
07-02-2003, 10:15 PM
From PC World mag -- first came here when the forum started, left for a while then came back and stayed when things got "interesting" ie when Robo came onboard. :D

07-02-2003, 10:56 PM
pcworld mag->pcworld website->pressf1 tho it was somewhat boring back then.

07-02-2003, 11:03 PM
I'm not sure if I first came here through the web or from PC World magazine.

Doing a quick search I came across what I can only assume is my first post being here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=10613&message=15663&q=JM#15663) back in August 3, 2001

As far as I can tell that must've been my first.... oh here is another that seems to be from me as well ;)

here (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=9392&message=12391&q=jeremy+matthews#12391) from May 24, 2001 7:44 PM

*goes off searching for more*

The great thing is that the bulk of the poeple when I signed up are still here... Terry, KO (sometimes), tweak'e, b m, etc....

Sorry if I've left someone off.. its just some names have changed and I can't exactly remember who was and wasn't here.

07-02-2003, 11:08 PM
I used to be decisive,
now I am not so sure.

07-02-2003, 11:10 PM
pcworld mag...

i love PC World, and Atomic :-)
i didn't like the PC World MiniBook (Tips&Tricks) :-(

07-02-2003, 11:24 PM
... and we have another (http://pressf1.pcworld.co.nz/thread.jsp?forum=1&thread=8682&q=jeremy#10493) dating back to Apr 11, 2001 9:33 PM

ooh yeh
08-02-2003, 07:15 AM
PC World mag looking for more FAQ's

08-02-2003, 07:34 AM
My first post was about January 2001... or maybe earlier than that, I'm not sure. I have no idea how I found out about PressF1 back then though - I think through a search engine (Probably had computer trouble LOL)


Neil McC
08-02-2003, 07:58 AM
PC World.

Terry Porritt
08-02-2003, 08:03 AM
From PC World February 1992 Press F1 hosted by Allen Bennett... extract from a question..."Do the latest 286 computers have automatic parking?"

...And a 'How To' from July 1991.....about installing hard drives in seven simple steps.... "An 100MB AT bus system costs $1500 ex gst, while a 100MB Scsi kit costs $2500, or $3300 for a high performance drive and controller"

Gee, the hard part of the upgrade would have been opening the wallet :)

mark c
08-02-2003, 08:12 AM
From PCWorld magazine but aye, ees a bit daft where it says Robo will answer your comp problems, not the point at all.

mum in learning
08-02-2003, 08:53 AM
Stumbled across it while looking for info on cd writers.

08-02-2003, 09:19 AM
So you're the person that reads my section!
I knew you were a nice person, although obviously some would consider you had dubious taste.

sam m
08-02-2003, 09:21 AM
effie c told me about it

08-02-2003, 09:22 AM
Where does it say that? In the mag? I do answer some questions, especially those relating to puffing rice.
These days it would be impossible to answer them all, even if I did it full time it would be tough.

mark c
08-02-2003, 09:57 AM
> Where does it say that? In the mag?

Yeah but hey no big deal just gives a misleading impression that's all.
Nov 02 Page 5 bottom right but hey right no big deal.

08-02-2003, 10:14 AM
I first herd about f1 from imag but didnt come till I saw pf1 screenshot from pcworld mag. hahahahahahahahahahaha is robo rob clarke????? I know what you look like now.


08-02-2003, 10:32 AM
Well, what I looked like five years ago.
Before the operations.

08-02-2003, 10:50 AM
> hahahahahahahahahahaha is robo rob clarke????? I know
> what you look like now.
> Tim

LOL Tim; you see the link to the left that says robo ;) (the one on the left :p)

08-02-2003, 11:36 AM
Imag lead the way here for me, one of the first sites i checked out when i got the new puter,(imag was one of the first computer mags i brought too come to think of it) saved me a lot of heartache and time this site has, not to mention the wealth of knowledge i have gained ;-) :-).

08-02-2003, 12:55 PM
knew about it for a while from PC World, and only joined for some absurd unknown reason after spending ~16 hours working on a website with cyberchuck

08-02-2003, 02:18 PM
I found Press F1 one throw the IDG website :) throw one of there news letters( I love “FryUp”)and was board one day and browsing the IDG website
And I was going to post a computer problem I had but I solve it before I need to post the message. ;)

Greg S
08-02-2003, 02:25 PM

NZ PCWorld mag

Billy T
08-02-2003, 02:50 PM
PCW Mag :x

08-02-2003, 06:27 PM
I've been getting the mag (PC World NZ) since about 1990 (when I upgraded from Atari to PC). I think I probably read about F1 in the mag somewhere. Why?

08-02-2003, 09:11 PM
Same as .Clueless from Imag. I was given my first copy free from the shop where the computer came from.

08-02-2003, 09:16 PM
Prolly imag, tho it mighta been nz pc world ....


Heather P
08-02-2003, 10:50 PM
There are days when I can't remember what happened last week let alone last year or the year before.

Probably PC World magazine. It was a while ago.

08-02-2003, 11:43 PM
i can't remember how or when i signed up, or found out about pressf1. Probably through my cousin who had a lot of computer mags, must have come across f1 that way some how.


08-02-2003, 11:48 PM
A 'little (flightless) bird' told me :p

09-02-2003, 12:05 AM
Either PCWorld mag, or http://pcworld.co.nz/
More likely the latter, as there are plain to see banners, and I spent more time on the site back then, than in a mag. (How things change)
Now I wish I'd never seen the site..........I mean glad I found it:p
My first comp mag was PCWorld, then a series of other titles, and finally a permanent (subscrption) switch back to PCWorld.


09-02-2003, 12:09 AM
> i can't remember how or when i signed up, or found
> out about pressf1.
Would be about Jun, 2002
And you've had 598 posts since


09-02-2003, 02:05 PM
[b]pcworld mag->pcworld website->pressf1[b/]
just like tweak'e

I am still amazed at how much individuals will give of their time and expertise to help others with probs ranging from basic to the most complex and the patience involved ! Great people !!

I just hope that I can give the same attention to the few queries I can offer something on.
:x :8}

09-02-2003, 07:00 PM
I used to go to the Ask Jeeves ones... You'd do a search, and then hit "Ask Other People" Up the top... That sucked coz I couldnt find my post unless i bookmarked it!

I first came here when I was working in the Cyber Cafe... I went to google and was searching for computer help sites or forums or something, and found Pf1, right before it shifted over to the new forum style... cant remember too clearly.

I saw the PC World NZ logo and thought that coz it was local I'd stay around. And I have!

...And never looked back either ;-)

09-02-2003, 07:12 PM
PC World and iMag when I was after a solution for a problem I had.
Press F1 is wonderfully educational.

09-02-2003, 07:23 PM
> Press F1 is wonderfully educational.

We could start a movement to do away with the public education system and require all students to visit Pf1 for at least 6 hours a day.

This would also eliminate the majority of PC problems from within NZ :D