View Full Version : Slow internet downloads

14-11-1999, 08:55 AM
For some reason my internet dowloads are going REAL slow. My MTU setting is 1500 my Rwin is 65536 I have a 56k external modem on a serial card with 16750 uarts set at a rate of 230k, buffers are set to max and I use a util called Gozilla to check site d/l speeds b4 i start.

I just downloaded an update to Gozilla it showed the ftp site to be about 120ms and hence gave it a rating of 'smokin' yet when i do the download the 2 meg file takes like 30 mins and the transfer rate is like 1.2k!

I would really appreciate what I can do to beef this up, Ive done all I can think of.(short of getting ADSL or something)