View Full Version : Palm v2 data problem

04-02-2003, 02:23 PM
My wife and I both have a model “T” Palm – v2 OS. They work well for what we need them for – really just an E address book. No problems at all with them until just did a small alteration on the PC then noticed that it did not copy through to the Palm during a Sync. OK me thinks, system corrupt, so try to reinstall programme. Despite having no problems installing on the year old PC initially (XP) – there was no way could get it installed. Off to the Palm help desk and they pointed me to a download for v 4.1 desktop. OK now have that but can’t get it to load my data files. The file “address.dat” appears to hold the most recent data (could read the data via WordPad). Both “address.bak” and “personal.aba” appeared to have old data.
Any help on how to get the “dat” file info into the system?!
Many thanks.