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Young Whiz Kid
02-02-2003, 04:43 PM
I have just bought a brand new pentium 4 computer with Windows XP (SP1) installed

I also have an older windows 95osr2 machine, and I wish to network them together. I have the crossover cable connected to both, and the link light illumonated.

I searched the web, and found that XP doesn't support NetBeui, and needs it to see 95. I installed that, along with tcp/ip. With a lot of tweaking and experimenting, I finally managed to get them to see each other, and share files, with the printer on the XP machine setup successfully.

I then proceeded to setup the windows 95 machine to use the internet, which I had shared on the XP, using the network setup wizard. Unfortunaetly, the windows 95 machine keeps coming up with the page unavailabe routine. I tried clicking on the "detect network settings" but this did nothing. I tried a proxy server program on the XP machine (proxy plus, downloaded from download.com) but it didnt work. is there something wrong with the protocols? i tried re-installing the protocols, ms cient for ms networks, file & print sharing etc. but nothing works.

In windows 95, i have variously tried installing internet explorer 5 and 5.5
numerous times, as i prefer the newer version to the version that comes with 95, and i think it supports the connection sharing over lan better. I think there could be some problem with this, because the desktop icon is always distorted in 24 bit colour mode. (The same sort of distortion when it is displayed in 256 colour mode). How is this fixed, as I have tried re-installing versions 5 and 5.5 to fix it.
How do I get the windows 95 to use the internet through the XP machine?

I was also told that you have to use the same logon name on the windows 95 machine as i have for one of the user accounts on XP. I don't get this. Also, right clicking on the XP machine in Network neighborhood on win 95, says that it is a windows NT system. I understand that is the server set of microsofts windows series, but does that mean then, that i have to logon to a windows nt domain on the win 95 machine, ie. in client for ms networks. If so, what do i type in there? is it the workgoup name, or the win XP's machine name.

Also, Windows XP connection sharing doesn't have an icon in the taskbar area like win 98 does (on a friends machine). How do i enable that in Win XP?

Also, in windows XP, you can't see the actual computer icon, of the Win 95 machine anywhere. I forst got the xp machine to see the win95 machine, by typing the address in, ie \\computername . I then made network place, using the network path \\computername\sharename .
How do i get it to act and behave like win 98/95??????

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Please solve my problems.