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Greg S
27-01-2003, 03:31 PM
Robo might like this one. I received an email from my bro today regarding an offensive to the spammers. Here's the link, and my reply to him:
Hi Greg,

What do you think of this anti-spam tool? Let me know.



Hi. Thanks for the interesting link. I think it's a great idea in theory. As you may know, I detest spam too. The flaw that glares at me is that... one of the side-effects of spam is that it puts additional huge loads on the bandwidth of the entire Internet. This clogs up DNS servers worldwide, ISP's and even VPN's. The more email addresses that are added to spammers' databases, the heavier the congestion.

The efforts of this kind of anti-spam promotion may or may not be significant to the number of random false addresses that spam address-generators create, but I think it's a worthwhile consideration.

I might add the contents of this mail to PressF1 for other's' consideration, ok? It's a great idea as I say, but maybe it'll end up causing a bit more harm than good if its popularity grows too much. Neh?


28-01-2003, 09:46 AM
Its a bloody good idea i think.. Surely it must shut down some of the spammers if 75% of the email addresses seen on the net are invalid ones such as:

I think the biggest load this will put on DNS servers and the likes are those used more or less directly by the spammers themselves, particualy as the domains in question are invalid too.

Of course such attacks on spammers must come from as many different angles as possible, and for that reason i take the opertunity to post another dead email address for open harvest:
obscure@eudoramail.com This address died of spam! Go for it spambots, help yourselves to these. Your masters will get more bouncy emails but hey.. That seems only fair!


28-01-2003, 09:54 AM
For the sake of completeness, I post an e-mail received yesterday. In case anyone wants 300,000 addresses for $10

The spelling looks VERY like a lot of posters here. Perhaps not quite as bad.

Reply-To: ges@ges.com.tw

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Yeah. Right. I believe you.

28-01-2003, 12:24 PM
I know a good Anti-Spam program it is Mail Washer http://www.mailwasher.net/
The NZ Net Guide recommends it!
And it is a great NZ program! I use it all the time!

Greg S
28-01-2003, 12:28 PM

29-01-2003, 09:19 AM
I asked my IT man,this is his reply.
Looks interesting enough. I dont think it would put the spammers into an infinate loop but it would definately give them a bit of a headache with all the returned addresses...although this could be taken care of aswell by simply writing a script to discard returns.

I have some spamming software at home, and a check can be done on emails and the invalid emails removed before a single mail is sent out. This is only at the basic end, and if I wanted to get seriously into the spamming side I would get a good deal more clever in little time.

That said, I still think its a nice gesture by the chap.

29-01-2003, 02:35 PM
but then what happens when the buggers behind the spamming catch on that these sites exist?