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25-01-2003, 09:38 PM
i have windows 98 and windows 2000 installed and want to remove windows 2000. i dont want to format the hard drive. but can i delete the win 2000 files and somebody tell me what registry files to delete. maybe there is a program??

25-01-2003, 09:46 PM
James, if you want help, can I respectfully suggest that you don't list a porn site as your homepage, (and your location) as this is a family forum?

25-01-2003, 10:27 PM
well said godfather

and why on earth would you get rid of 2000(unless you comp is too slow)

26-01-2003, 12:35 AM
> and why on earth would you get rid of 2000(unless you
> comp is too slow)

He's probably downloaded too many movies from his homepage :p and has run out of HDD space :D, though personally I'd remove 98 instead.

26-01-2003, 11:13 AM
I wonder if he's related to the other Bin?

Babe Ruth
26-01-2003, 11:26 AM
er baldy... is that Recycle Bin, Sin Bin???...

Babe. :-)

26-01-2003, 11:30 AM
I was thinking more of the Laden fellow LOL

Graham L
26-01-2003, 02:15 PM
If you have (or make) a W98 emergency floppy, you can boot from that and do "FDISK /MBR". That should make it boot to W98, and you can then delete all the W2k stuff. It will be a separate NTFS partition, so you might have to use FDISK and remove that partition, and remake it to make it usable for W98.

26-01-2003, 04:25 PM
sorry pples

i just get annoyed with signing up for things so i just wrote random stuff as my location etc. i had no idea what any of it is, but yeah im gonna change it

26-01-2003, 04:30 PM
im removing it because it doesnt have support for my modem and it has bad support for older games. and there is absolutly nuthing wrong with 98 it has crashed about twice in the 3 years iva had it.

26-01-2003, 06:11 PM
Explain how the two operating systems are installed and in what directories.

Generally, multiple operating systems each installed on separate primary partitons are easy to remove than those installed on the same primary partition (separate folders such as Windows and Winnt) or those installed on separate logical drives because of the overwriting of shared files.

Inexperienced people should consider backing up important data, repartitioning and reinstalling from scratch.

Btw - do you know the difference between an apostrophe and a comma? and F7 and Shift+F7? and that grammar is not the mother of one of your parents?

Ok - if you say so.

26-01-2003, 09:35 PM
windows 98 is installed on one harddrive in the windows folder and windows 2000 is installed on the same harddrive in the winnt folder. they are both the same partition.

also does anybody know why in the OS selction screen when i select windows 2000 it comes up with a word on the left of the screen that says NTDETECT and then the computer just freezes. and any way of fixing it.