View Full Version : No action for 2 mins after startup(XP Pro)

25-01-2003, 04:53 PM
Hey.. i start up windows xp .. but for some reason i cant connect to the internet or bring up any properties boxes for aound 2 minutes... i can do some other things..

i also cant open any programs either... then after 2 minutes it all comes at once hahaha:D

i have a 1GHZ, 384MB RAM.. win xp pro.. anyway.. i dont have a network card in there as well... any ideas! thank you ... :)


25-01-2003, 04:57 PM
Check what your virus software is doing. Its not uncommon on slower systems to have a 15 sec or more non response time.

Look at disk activity, if you antivirus is scanning some big system directories you should see some activity.

I used to see a short pause on a 667 MHz system, not noticeable on 2 Ghz.